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Our experts SEO team have taken the confusion out of selecting the right internet marketing company. We take good care of our clients Internet Marketing and Brand Consulting requirements, which are two important factor for search engine optimization and getting top search results.

With the SEO service we provide, we can augment your company’s profitability, increase sales, augment market awareness, generate leads, provide useful information which are vital to grow the business. Our techniques are to rank your website in top positions on popular search engines than anyone in the business so we can give you a competitive edge over yours. We are dedicated in Search Engine Optimization and Ranking and will assist augment traffic to your web site.

If you already have a website and through Analytics you’ve realized that you get a really low (or zero) number of visitors, by now you already know that you’re doing something wrong. Good websites get thousands of visitors’ everyday (or hundreds of thousands if it’s a really good website). If you’re getting a really low number of visitors it’s most likely because your website ranks really low. This means that your website comes at a really low rank whenever someone searches for any keyword related to your business on a search engine. In simple words, it means that you’re not being found.

Cyrux smart solutions is offering the best Search Engine Optimization services you’ll find in Toronto and Richmond Hill. We are proudly the leading the most reliable, most economical and most effective Toronto and Richmond Hill Search Engine Optimization service. We have been in this business for over a decade and  have helped numerous startup business get on their feet by optimizing their websites and helping them get found. Today we’re proud to say that the businesses we’ve helped are among the leading ones in their field.

In order to understand why you need us, you need to understand what Search Engine Optimization is. In order to understand that, you need to understand how search engines generally rank websites and why is there a need to Search Engine Optimize websites and why you’re already not being found. So let’s start at the beginning. In the most general terms, search engines use signals to rank websites. Search Engines like Google, Bing, AOL etc. crawl through the World Wide Web (www) and use complex proprietary algorithms to determine where each website should rank in their search results. After all, they are committed to provide their users with the most relevant search results. Therefore, through these algorithms, they determine which results are the most relevant to the search and display all the results in the order of most relevant first. There are a few factors that these algorithms consider in order to make this determination. These are below:


Search engines look for fresh, current, compelling and unique content and they penalize websites that do not update their content regularly. Having a blog with a website and updating it on a regular basis is usually the best strategy. So if your website is old and rusty and you haven’t made any changes for a long time, it’s about time we changed that. We have the most experienced and professional content writers who can update your website’s content in a jiffy and bring up your ranking considerably.

Inbound Links

Having updated content is not always enough. You need a lot more than that. Search engines take into account whether other websites are linking to yours or not. And you don’t just need ‘any’ websites’ back links. You need those websites to be authoritative. You need them to have a good ranking in search engines. That is the only way inbound links will have a positive impact. Website with a bad ranking will hurt you more than they will benefit you. Moreover, search engines also penalize you for having a paid inbound link-exchange. Moreover, getting genuine authoritative websites to have your website’s inbound is a very tricky and challenging task, one we’ve mastered over the past years. We have experience in getting genuine, verified and authentic inbound links to your website from only authoritative websites which will help you shoot up your website’s ranking tremendously.


Search engines also monitor the activity of your website. They analyze the number of visitors, the time they spend browsing your website, what they look at the most and their point of origination. One of the very best, which is also proven to be the most effective, way to increase this activity on your website is to give your readers and viewers valuable information. The more people visit your website and the more time they spend on your website, the higher your rankings will go. Our team of experienced SEO managers have the best strategies all planned out to help you increase your business activity.

Social networking

Social networking has changed the internet in ways beyond imagination since its introduction. Websites like Facebook, twitter, linked in etc. are key in search rankings as well. Your existence on social media matters more today than it ever did. And it’s not just the existence. Your business page should have a great number of followers. The more the followers, the better it is. They also look for reviews from active people on social networks, your page’s activity and for videos and/or pictures your business has shared through your page or through video-sharing sites like YouTube. Our team of experts are available to guide you completely and help you build a powerful social media marketing strategy that will not only get you to the top of the herd but also will be in line with your business’s vision.

Getting to rank higher in search engines is an extremely overwhelming and to be perfectly accurate, a difficult process. It requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. Moreover, the strategies that are used for search engine rankings are constantly changing. One strategy that may work today is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. This is because search engines have made algorithms that only allow active and deserving businesses to rank higher. Our SEO strategies will help your business flourish in a way that you never expected. Your ranking will improve exponentially and not just that, your business will flourish exponentially. You will get found so much more easily, and not just in search results. Our strategies will help spread awareness about your business. We will help you get known in a bigger circle of people and target a much higher audience. This will bring your website to the top in search results ranking as well as introduce you to so many people and tempt them to try the service you’re offering. Our SEO service not only helps you get on top on search engines but also helps you get ahead of the pack.

So what are you waiting for? Hire us for your Search Engine Optimizing your website and do wonders for your website. Visit our contact page to write to us to talk to your very own personalized agent or call us at our dedicated helpline to speak to someone right away and take the first step towards your business’s ultimate success.

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