How To Create A FREE Website

How To Create A FREE Website

Do you want an existence in the Digital World but are on a tight budget?

Learn how to create yours with FREE Website Builders like Yola, WIX, …

If you’re a start-up or a new company that’s starting off in the world of internet, you will find many online services and reputable companies on the internet that are offering Free Website Builders with whole set of extra features and amazing functionalities. Unfortunately, many of these are premium and paid services. We’ve done extensive research on the extensive variety of these tools on the internet to provide you with the free options that do not compromise on quality so that you can make the right choice and build a beautiful and aesthetic website that suits your needs.

Website Builders make your life easier by providing a cheap and easy way to build a website without having to know the technical coding that a typical website development requires. These website builders are offered by most hosting companies today and are accessible to customers upon purchasing hosting plans with the companies. However, many of these companies offer very incapable tools that have very limited features. This often becomes frustrating for the customer because they expect something else entirely from the hosting company and then have to be stuck with that particular host for at least a year. To help you choose the right host, we’ve compiled a list of hosts that offer the very best website builders and have ranked them according to the features they offer. All that’s needed is for you to browse through the list and choose your pick.

What are web hosting companies free website builders?

how to create free website

Website builders come into play where inexperienced and novice users want to build websites but don’t have almost no technical knowledge of languages and frameworks that make a website . Many web hosting companies today offer these tools free of charge upon purchasing any of their hosting packages. This is beneficial for the novice and inexperienced users as it provides them with the right tools to construct, design and organize their page without getting into the nitty-gritty. Therefore, instead of purchasing subscriptions for these website builders, finding a good hosting company that offers access to a good website builder saves you a lot of money as you get hosting as well as website builder in a very low price.

What should you look for when considering site builder tools?

There are some key elements that you should look for when looking for a good website builder:

  • First and foremost, the builder should have an automatic installer so you don’t have to install services like apache, PHP, ASP.NET, WordPress etc. separately.
  • Considering the allowed bandwidth, disk space, features like type of URLs and any restrictions on free access to templates, number of versions of the builder you have access to and maximum number of pages the builder can make is also very important.
  • Other special features like integration of APIs such as PayPal’s, capability of building galleries etc. are also an important part of the selection process.

What Are You Waiting For?

Creating a website is a piece of cake if you have access to our reviews and articles. Our list of Top 10 website builders, that you have access to right on this page, will not only enable you to choose a builder that has great value for money but will also help you build and design the most beautiful, aesthetically charged and eye-catching design that will win over the visitors on their first glimpse.

Top 10 Best FREE Website Builders