About Us

Cyrux Smart Solutions Inc. established in 2009 and is located in Toronto, Canada.

Cyrux smart solutions has been a leader in the web design/development industry in Toronto and Richmond Hill. We have been the top of the herd since our first day primarily for our modern and innovative web designs and solutions.

We’ve been creating value for our clients by providing logo and custom graphic design, flexible and customized web solutions and robust software applications that help them generate incremental sales, save time and increase their overall efficiency and we combines an extensive unique range of in-house skills and resources that include:

  • Highly skilled scripting programmers using technologies such as PHP, ASP and .NET.
  • Highly experienced database architects specializing in Microsoft SQL and MySQL.
  • Graphic designers with a unique blend of artistic ability and business acumen
  • Copy writers who understand how to use just the right amount of emotion and logic to persuade your prospect.
  • Online and offline marketing specialists who stay current on the most effective strategies you can use to reach your market.

We also provide custom and turn-key solutions for business process automation, data storage and processing, decision support and other systems.

In the modern day industry, having a digital appearance is no more a luxury but a necessity for survival. It has become a necessity to have an existence in the World Wide Web because statistics say that today, more than 40 percent of the world’s population has access to internet and uses it regularly. 40% isn’t that big a number is it? But it accounts for over 3 Billion people around the world. 3 BILLION. This is by far the biggest market you can possibly target. With the widespread of internet, the world truly has become a global village. W. Clement Stone, a famous author once said, “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star”. Aiming for a greater target market is likely to get your word further out. It is likely to reach a much diverse and broader market. When you do that, you’re bound to get more business.   Therefore why aim small? Why not take it to the global level. If you get lucky, you may get to the moon. If you don’t, at least you’ll hit a star!

Taking this journey with Cyrux solutions will not only guarantee you success but also the most comfortable journey! Our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers work round the clock to ensure that you get the service you expect. Our highly creative and talented engineers make sure that our designs are not only appealing to the eye but are also compliant with the latest standards on the web.

We aim to provide our clients with everything they could possibly need in-house. From the very first day, the mission of our company has been focused on customer satisfaction. We strongly believe in giving our clients a reason to always come to us. To ensure this, we do everything possible to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction with our services. This is a primary reason that the businesses who trusted us more than 10 years ago are not only still with us today but have also become the leaders in their fields.

Hired through an extremely rigorous and competitive process, our team, based in Toronto and Richmond Hill, comprises of the most talented, the most creative engineers from all over the world who specialize in a range of services. We offer all services ranging from Web Design, Web Development, Software Design and Development and Search Engine Optimization in house. We make your life easier by providing you a one-stop shop where you can find a solution to your every need. We understand that stress of going online and the risks involved, therefore, our team is always in constant communication with our clients and keeps them up to date with the progress of their project. They also welcome criticism from the clients and are always working to provide the client exactly what they need, how they need it.